Saturday, August 24, 2013

How does an Arizonan survive in South Korea?

I'm an Arizona girl -- not Flagstaff, Arizona, but in the center of the inferno Phoenix area Arizona. This means I am not accustom to cold weather, and as sure as the frosty tuber nose of a snowman I am not used to snow. Snow doesn't really happen here. When it does, it doesn't survive. We once had a hail storm that left piles of marble-sized ice in our backyard, and my sisters and I played in it like it was snow. A hail-man is just not the same as a snowman, however.

What am I, a girl who has never owned a winter coat or hat in her life, supposed to do about surviving South Korea's winter?

I decided to first google "winter in South Korea", to see what I was getting myself into. I encountered a number of images such as this:

From Zimbio

and this:

From Zimbio

Well... that has really made me feel better. Seriously... 

Moving on, I decided to simply browse the Internet for winter wear. At this point, however, I was still oblivious to how much winter wear there really is in this world. Silly desert-dwelling girl. Don't you know that you need long-johns, thick socks, ear muffs, hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters, coats and enough layers to look like the Michelin Man? 

Okay, I probably don't need that much. It's very likely that I will be wearing a lot more layers than those used to the snowy weather, though. I'll probably be identified as a Waygookin (foreigner) from afar simply from the amount of layers. That, or I might just slowly turn into a human ice sculpture from sheer stubbornness, not wanting to look like I can't handle the cold like everyone else. 

Either way, I'm getting a whole new wardrobe. I do like new clothes, and I like the fact that I'll actually be able to wear modest clothing without melting into a pile of goo. I just hope I get things that will actually keep me warm. 

Any tips from winter savvy people?

(If you would like to help keep me from freezing to death, feel free to make a donation at my gofundme page or buy something from Etsy!)

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