Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Go Fund Me.... please?

Guess what everyone? I started a GoFundMe page to raise money for my crazy dream! I'm going to make a short video to add to it soon, but for now I have some written details on the page, which you can visit here.

I need all the help I can get. Part of the reason I'm doing this -- other than the personal self fulfillment, getting to teach little munchkins and experiencing/sharing a culture -- is that I have no money. I'm hardly making enough money to pay my loans at the moment, and I really want to do more with my life (and paycheck) than pay off loans.

I also have a widget to the side of this blog that will be there even when this post has been pushed out by a new one. Just click on the gofundme widget and you can donate through there. I would like to ask that, instead of gifts for Christmas this year (far way off, I know) from family and friends, a donation through GoFundMe is all I'm asking for. Any amount you can give would be fantastic. Also, you can check out my Etsy Page, where I'm selling polymer clay figurines. Thank You!

1 comment:

  1. Please tell me Emily,whats missing?you are a fantasic talented young women why don't you earn enough money? if you have a dream that your heart desires so badly and you 100% believe in yourself more and have absolutely no feeling of doubt what so ever you will create miracles and money will always be there for you. I would love to share this with you to help you
    close your eyes and expand your energy of love out into the whole universe, then with graditude picture in your mind and create a movie of what you want and desire feel the excitement, joy, and happiness like it is already your reality order your desires just like you would order food in a restaurant, then believe that your order of your dreams and desires is getting prepared and is already on its way to you our universe is full of amazing energy and magic Emily we are so powerful use your magic within keep the cameras rolling everyday be specific in every detail of your dream in what you truly want I promise you that your life will now change traumatically in an amazing positive way congratulations Emily you now have opened up in knowing just how powerful you really are enjoy receiving and living your dream