Friday, November 8, 2013

The EPIK Interview

I couldn't help but write that title...

Anyways, I had two majorly nerve-wrecking things to do this week: Have my EPIK interview and teach a phonics lesson to a 3rd grade ELL/ESL students. They were less than 24 hours apart, and I still felt unprepared even as I was saying, "I can do this!"

I won't hear if I've passed the EPIK interview until maybe next week. My general feelings concerning the interview are teetering towards good with a heap-load of worry and doubt waiting to shoot me into a worrying oblivion.

The interviewer and I got along relatively well. There were moments when we laughed a little and both of us smiled, which is much more than some interviewees get from what I've seen in blog and forum posts. She ran through my application, confirming information and then threw in the occasional question to throw me off or expand upon my listed information/something I said.

To be honest, I was expecting more questions than I got, which has me worried. Did she not ask me a lot of questions because they planned on passing me up and were just giving me a pity interview, or had she already gotten a good feel for my qualifications from what was submitted? Do they give pity interviews?


Whatever happens, happens. I won't go into detail about the questions, but after I get my results I'll do some kind of "How to Prepare for an EPIK Interview" post.... Unless I didn't pass, then it'll be a whole different post involving some margin of self-pity and a long list of what might have gone wrong.

As for my first ever classroom teaching experience... I was so nervous! It didn't really hit me until I was in front of the students, which meant I was up there trying to read what I was familiar with a moment ago. So, I might have gone a little fast and messed up one of the exercises, but the teacher reassured me and gave me a few pointers.


Overall, super nervous week! I think I'll be planning some more teaching opportunities with the teacher, but for now I just need to get things on my To-Do list done and patiently wait for results.

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