Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week One: TEFL Course

I have managed to survive the first week of my TEFL course!

Okay, so it wasn't that tough. First weeks are usually pretty easy, and this course is no exception. As I have mentioned before, I am taking my course through International TEFL Academy (ITA). It is a 170 hour online TEFL/TESOL course, which also requires 20 hours of practicum. I should be starting in on the practicum part of the course in the next 2 weeks (probably next week).

ITA sets up their online course in a similar way to other online courses I've taken. You must comment in the forum for participation points and then submit assignments called "tasks" every week. The tasks seem to consist of one quiz and a worksheet. They keep it all very organized and you can keep track of your grade as you go fairly well. Then, there is a midterm and final, of course.

While I keep myself busy with studying, doing homework and other work, my application to EPIK is currently in a pile at the EPIK headquarters -- I'm not sure if they actually call it that, but why wouldn't you take the opportunity? -- waiting to be fully reviewed.  Once that is done, they will schedule an interview with me and the nerves are going to shoot up again!

This interview is going to be a lot more formal than the last one, so I better put my best foot forward. I was told that I should makes sure to keep smiling and stay peppy. I can pull that off, but I just hope I can answer all of the questions clearly.

I've found a few blogs where EPIK applicants describe their interview experience, going as far to list some of the questions they were asked. So, I'm preparing myself with those resources in hand!

Wish me luck!

P.S. If you're interested in taking a course at ITA, click on the link above or here and tell them I sent ya. You can get a $50 discount if you do! If they ask, my admissions adviser was Lindsay Krasinski. Use the coupon code AlumniReferral50.

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