Monday, July 29, 2013

What is strange?

Strange. Foreign. Unfamiliar. Outside the norm.

This blog is not about the weird and wacky (not always). If you are expecting me to talk about a two-headed calf, alien abductions or conspiracy theories, you've probably stumbled upon this site by mistake and should hurry along your way... or subscribe. Up to you.

So, why is the theme strangeness? Well, I am strange and I am a stranger to many out there in the world. It's as simple as that. I'm not living under any delusions that I'm entirely normal. Normal does not technically exist. As the world shrinks, we are encountering more and more people who are significantly different from us. We have our similarities, which are amazing to discover, but the differences are what we often step out of our comfort zone to understand.

So, I decided to call my new blog "Only Getting Stranger" for that reason. Plus, it's kind of fun to call myself "Emily the Stranger". I'll probably be the only one doing that, though...

Moving along, this is all pretty new to me. I am a writer, mainly writing for others at the moment, so writing a blog to share with friends, family, colleagues and the random Internet Surfer is definitely a different experience. I don't really allow such a direct line into my mind. That's usually reserved for password protected journal writing, which I plan to take to me grave or ask my children to burn after reading.

The time has come, however, where blogging has become necessary. I'm making changes in my life. I plan on going abroad some time in the near future, procrastinating working on my novel and experiencing new things. While Facebook status updates have been enough for the occasional sharing-time, it's now time for something a little different.

Bear with me, Readers. We're both journeying into unfamiliar places.


  1. I suppose since normal doesn't technically exist, that would make normal strange? I am glad to know that I am not the only one normal- challenged.
    Good luck with your writing "Emily the Stranger."

  2. Thank you, Mary! Nice to know there are more normal-challenged people out there, haha.